The move to electric biking Part 1

So, my first blog, ever. Got to start somewhere I guess and I admit that I’ve been putting this off for quite some time. So many interests, where to start? What do I prioritise? Which blog name do I use? How many barriers can I put up to bolster my deft procrastination…meanwhile, recent events have prompted me to take the plunge. More on that later. For now, cycling. And so it begins…


I have been a regular cyclist for quite some time now, ranging from mountain, to road, and even to folding bikes. All bikes for a specific purpose. Now whilst I had owned a car throughout, they got very little use; the direct line to London partly and perhaps thankfully to blame. However, one of the unfortunate side effects of having a bike, is the sweat (don’t worry I won’t be going into great detail of my particular glands). Whilst this wouldn’t be such an issue for road or mountain biking ventures, for commuting it’s far from ideal, especially for short stay commuting and by that I mean, evening meetings or short errand trips into another town. This is where showers are either not available or suitable due to the duration of the visit.

And so, after several years of sweaty short commuting, I decided to invest in an electric bicycle, or e-bike (yes, I know, sacrilege to the ardent minimalist cyclists out there). Given that my mountain bike was 12kg, my folding bike 8kg, and my road bike 7kg, the original aim was to find a lightweight bicycle that had a light motor/battery system, just to assist up hills. Given that this is the major cause for the undesirable fragrance (to me at least, and I expect others…), then I expected that there would be models out there which met this requirement… Well, I wasn’t entirely mistaken, however, I was rather taken aback at first, by the fact that existing e-bikes were almost the same weight as all three of my own bikes combined!

Before I had given up hope, (or try my hand at a DIY e-bike conversion), I came across Vivax. This was exactly what I had unknowingly been looking for! The whole electric system (including battery) weighed a mere 2kg!

Sadly the euphoric sensation I experienced ended rather too abruptly for my liking, as I then found out cost of said e-bike…£2500, yes, that’s right, and this was just the cost of the electric system (motor/battery/controller), so there was the simple (or rather not so simple) matter of the rest of the bike…and the bike in question had to have a straight seat tube of a certain diameter. Hmmm, so as tempting as this was, I decided to refrain from exploring further, especially as I was unable to test-ride it, as there is only one importer in the country, not in close proximity to this author’s residence. So, back to the e-bike drawing board.


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